Train with the best


Kev Capel

Head coach and 3rd degree black belt under Roger Gracie.

Daniel Lewis

1st degree black belt under Kev Capel and very sarcastic.


Head of the nogi grappling division of savages and leglockers.

Anab Hussain

The man to teach you the art of hitting without getting hit.

Marcin Zywica

Belletor vet with a lifetime of martial arts knowledge.

Tom Creasey

Current Cage Warriors up and coming star!  Amazing at face punching!

Caroline Kinnane

4th Degree Judo Black Belt and BJJ Brown belt.  Do not stand with her!

Taz Milik

First degree BJJ Black Belt and early riser for the 7:15am class!

Jack Moz

Another early riser with small man jiu jitsu.