On the 18th December 2022 we would cordially invite you to take part our incredible Jiu Jitsu competition.

Open to all white & blue belts.  With standard IBJJF rules and weight categories.

Registration will cost £20 which can be paid on the day.  There will also be a division limit of 16 combatants with a waiting list applied after this limit has been reached.

New Venue address:

Ashlyns School
Chesham Rd

Submit your entry below.


White Belt Female

Rooster (48.5kg)

Jenny Wong Empire BJJ USA

Feather (58.5kg)

Eleanor Walvin Legado RAF

Light (64kg)

Naomi Robertson Total Grappling

Middle (69kg)

Zoe Haycocks Total Grappling
Lucy Wheeler GB Westbury
CARLY MCKEE Total Grappling
Katy Dineen 210

Super Heavy (+78kg)

Eve Bateman RGA Bucks

White Belt Male

Light Feather (64kg)

Jordan Coughlan RGA Bucks

Feather (70kg)

Charlie Conibear Mamba Gym
Myles Macaulay RGA Bucks
Jacob Boot-Handford RGA Bucks
Joe WhiteRGA Bucks
Daniel Hart RGA South Herts

Light (76kg)

Jamie Kinsey Total Grappling
Adam Evans RGA Bucks
Cameron Swords RGA South Herts
Danny Robinson

Middle (82.3kg)

Alby Wightman RGA Bucks
Jack Davis RGA Bucks
Paul Howard Mamba Gym
Mark Clifford RGA Bucks
Peter Campbell RGA Bucks
Martin Rickards Total Grappling
Robert Williams RGA South Herts
Sam Kirk RGA Bucks
Andy Matt Total Grappling
Rob Palmer RGA Bucks
Alexander Burnaby Mamba Gym

Middle Heavy (88.3kg)

Kieran Riley Total Grappling
Sam Gordon RGA Bucks
James Baldwin RGA Bucks
George Tyldesley RGA Bucks
Lewis Collins Mamba Gym
Reduan Adow Osswa Jiu Jitsu – Carlson Gracie 302
Chris Morgan RGA Bucks
Jonathon Frost BST
James Oakes RGA Bucks

Heavy (94.3kg)

Ameer Duzan Karima ossawa jiujitsu
Ben Reeve RGA Bucks
Jack Pankhurst RGA South Herts
Nick Atkinson RGA Bucks

Ultra Heavy (+100.5kg)

Conrad Meades RGA South Herts
Rajesh Jandu Dan Santos BJJ

Blue Belt Female

Feather (58.5kg)

Tara-louise Hay 210

Light (64kg)

Martina Dousova RGA Bucks
Jules Linton RGA South Herts

Blue Belt Male

Feather (70kg)

Virgil Budasca Total Grappling
Irfan Akhtar Osswa Jiu Jitsu
Chris Ewing RGA Bucks

Light (76kg)

Clive Selwyn RGA Bucks
Toby 2 RGA Bucks

Middle (82.3kg)

Steve Temple RGA Bucks
Ryan Greenaway Mark Phung BJJ
Max Khaihra RGA Bucks

Middle Heavy (88.3kg)

Kosi Agudosy Grand Union
Ben Mann RGA South Herts

Heavy (94.3kg)

Tomasz Dolega RGA Bucks
Kyle Widnall RGA Bucks

Ultra Heavy (+100.5kg)

Tomasz Kolodziej Carlson Gracie Surrey
Junaid Khan RGA Bucks


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